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    Finally created a suitable Mystcraft age for the build, named Space Age 1.3. Its a void age based on a Mushroom biome (to negate the monster spawns) so the entire age is effectively a ‘blank slate.’ The lighting is ‘bright’ so no need for unsightly torches everywhere. There are four layers of stars, and two beautiful moons, moving slightly askew from eachother, and at different speeds. The Descriptive book has been populated with lots of extra pages, to ensure stability.

    Right now the build will be around 350 blocks in diameter, a real world distance of over 1000 feet! I’m almost finished laying down the footing, and have begun to play with some of the chisel / microblock stuff to make it look like a *real* space station.

    The biggest difference between my space station (currently unnamed) and Deep Space Nine is the docking pylon configuration. Due to the very square nature of Minecraft, there will be eight docking pylons instead of six. One pylon above and below for North, South, East and West.

    Ideas and criticism are very much appreciated, but expect them to be totally plagiarized! Also, when the station is close enough to completion, I will invite anyone with an interest to build a Starship docked up to one of the pylons. My daughter already wants me to build her a ‘colonization’ ship, consisting of a huge glass dome with grass, trees, and crops inside.

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