New server hardware on its way! aka Server Downtime

Well order is in, server hardware is on its way to SmileyMouse's house.  As expected the server will have to come offline to swap in the new parts.  We will take it offline first thing at MouseLan on Friday 12/5 say around 6-7pm. Just  watch for the site and IRC to go down/come back online and all will be well, or you can attend MouseLan and see it all happen live!


Server Upgrade!

Anyone who has been playing on the new FTB server knows that the TPS is low usually because Monster is a Beast (ha) and takes up much of the cpu resources.  Our grand admin Glguy has done investigations and we have determined that a CPU upgrade is in order, which will also require a new motherboard (of course).  Many of our users have expressed interest in assisting with any upgrade costs and we absolutely appreciate it!  Our glorious server owner has graciously offered to front the cost of this upgrade and put in half the funds himself.  This just leaves it up to us to gather the other half!  We are getting a good combo deal from Tiger Direct here which at time of posting and a i7-4790K and Gigabyte Z97 Motherboard, purchase total is $399.98.  This means we are looking to collect a total of $200 from anyone who can donate to the upgrade.  SmileyMouse is heading the collection, so contact him for options.  We are collecting until MouseLan on 12/5 so PayPal or Cash will be totally acceptable.

Hooray for more TPS!

MouseLAN this (10/24) weekend!

The SmileyMouse LAN events continue with the next one happening on October 24-26, Thats THIS Weekend!! The LAN is located in Portland (near SE 82nd and Division.) and you will get all the exact event information when you RSVP to:

smileymouse at gmail dot com - replace the at with @ and the dot with . Also remove all spaces.

Cost at the door is $10 cash or PayPal to above address.

FTB and Java 8

I know many of us have been playing on the FTB server.

DO NOT UPDATE TO JAVA8!! Unless you want to have to manually patch the FTB files to run minecraft.

Here is the link on how to fix FTB so it will launch, if you have already or want to do this update.

Connecting to FTB

So you want to connect to this 'Secret Server' everyone in IRC keeps talking about. Well congradulations you are on the right track.


FIRST you need to let an admin know that you want to connect so we can get you on the Whitelist of the server.  Why are we running this Whitelist only?  As there is no area protection (to start with) built into the FTB server we are running on the Don't Be A Dick ruleset and need to keep the Griefers away.

Next thing you will need to do is get the special FTB launcher, Upon opening the launcher you will get this screen,

First thing you need to do is select the 'Monster' modpack from the left column, and then change the version to 1.1.2 Monster-Version
Once those are selected you will want to click on 'Launch' to initiate the download of the modpack, the game will then launch, most likely go 'Not Responding'' for a little bit and then bring you to the home screen. Close the game at this point we are not quite ready to play yet.

Relaunch the FTB Launcher and once back at the main window, click 'Edit Modpack'

Within this window you will want to add 'BloodMagic' and either 'Zan's Minimap' or 'REI Minimap' to the enabled mods list by selecting them and clicking 'Enable'
Once added, close the window.

The last thing to do before getting into the game is upping the amount of RAM available to FTB. Click on the 'Options' tab at the top of the launcher. Then increase the amount of available RAM.

Once in the game, just add the server as you would normally.

Now click Join Server and WELCOME to the WORLD, ask around if you have any questions!

Notch out, Microsoft in

Looks like Wolfe's DMCA nonsense was the final straw.  Notch is cashing out.


Microsoft is the new owner.  It's generally assumed they only really care about Minecraft as an Xbox product; time will tell how they feel about modders and such.

Mouse Lan August 1st thru 3rd.

The SmileyMouse LAN events continue with the next one happening on August 1st -3rd. The Lan is located in Portland (near SE 82nd and Division.) and you will get all the exact event information when you RSVP to:

smileymouse at gmail dot com - replace the at with @ and the dot with . Also remove all spaces.

Cost at the door is $10 cash or PayPal to above address.

Minecraft Bukkit Plugin – Clockwork planter – dispenser that auto farms! – YouTube

Hey all...Just wanted to bring your attention to the good news....

We have an Automatic planter available for you...a new plugin that was added at the last MouseLAN is the Clockwork Planter!! watch the video below to find out how it works...

Minecraft Bukkit Plugin - Clockwork planter - dispenser that auto farms! - YouTube.

Problems with Runecraft

Server was having major issues with crashing on Thursday. And the problem was something in the Runecraft data file. The only solution I have been able to find is to remove the existing file and let it create a new one from scratch. This does mean that all teleports, and Runecraft enchantments have to be recreated.

And because I know flight is really important to most people, if you lost flight ask Dragon for some diamond blocks.  He can give you 5 to recreate the flight rune.

But I cannot do anything about teleporters.  Waypoints are still in existance, but teleports have to be recreated. Sorry.

Help with a new Server Promo video.

So 2 years ago I made the video you see below, to help promote the server.  It was alot of work and I want you guys to help me create a new video.

What I am looking for are clips like in the below video, short flyby clips are best. Record them in 1920x1080 for best effect, though I will accept 1280x720p also.  And keep them short 5-10 seconds at most.  I will give everyone that submits clips to me a Silktouch Iron Pickaxe. Since I have been told by many they are harder to get now.

Get those clips in by the Ides of July.  July 15th for everyone that doesn't know what 'Ides' means. 😀

Vector Lan

I am sure you have heard many of us speak about PDXLan and Vector Lan in chat. Well the next Vector Lan is in 2 weeks and there are still 40 tickets left. So if you are over 21 years old, sorry if you are not, come and join many of use from PDX Minecraft at Vector Lan.
"Vector LAN Events" were added in 2012 for the LAN "Purist" who like LAN parties that have no announcements, no contests, just time to game. In addition these events have a no-host bar in the room where attendees can have cocktails or beer and wine. Vector LAN tickets come with two vouchers. One voucher for a free local beer, and another for a free cocktail. Vector LANs also have two traditions included: Rock band and Cereal LAN. Rock band is set up by a PDXLAN attendee who has quite the setup (Complete with lights, multi monitors, and more). Cereal LAN is where attendees bring a box of their favorite cereal and put it on a table for all to share. Imagine two 8 foot tables with cereal boxes looking like books organized on the shelf. PDXLAN buys the milk.

Vector Lan is June 6th thru the 8th, at the Portland Airport Holiday Inn.  Price is $45 per seat, including 1 Voucher for a small pitcher of beer and second voucher for a cocktail.

Come join the fun!

Fancy is rebuilt.

So I took fancy down today for a full backup, then are rebuild fresh.

This does mean any runecraft stuff will have to be reset including teleproters.  If you are a long ways away from where you need to build a WP/TP combo let staff know and we can teleport you there. Please look up coords on dynmap before asking for teleport.

If you run into any issues please let a staff member know.

Moving The Land to the new server install

So I have been dealing with a few things in real life, and that has caused me to put off moving to the new server install, and rethink a few things.  I am going to shutdown the Fancy server on Monday April 28th, probably for a few hours, and completly rebuild it from scratch.  Then get all the maps we are keeping installed and running.  I will post updates if this is going to change at all.

So, server downtime Monday April 28th, probably several hours of ups and downs.

UPDATE:   This is being delayed until Tuesday.  I have a migraine this morning.

Server down time Friday morning April 4th.

The server will be up and down Friday morning while I try and determine what is causing the full CPU load all the time on the server process.  I will let you know when the server is going to stay up and running.

Update: I do not know the specific time. I am not a morning person so probably mid morning. 😀

Update 2:  Servers are back up.  Did a full backup of all servers, and attempted some optimizations on Fancy.