Tweaks to user permissions

Been working on getting some extra user permissions and privileges for the the Regulars and Lanners on the server.

Regulars have access to
/sethome - sets a teleport point at that location
/home - teleports you to where ever you do /sethome
6 Residence lots total

Lanners have access to all the regulars have +
/spawn - teleports you to the world spawn coordinates.
8 Redisence lots.

There will be more comming and eventually a Page with all this information on it all the time.

Scavenger Hunt Sign-up

We will be doing a scavenger hunt starting on Sunday May 13th at 12pm PST. The hunt will run until 3 players brings back everything on the list or 1 week whichever is longer.  I will post the list on Saturday May 12th.  The scavenger hunt will take place in a world created just for the hunt and accessible through the Creative World Spawn Center. This way there will be no advantages to stuff you already have, as everyone will start from scratch. I will build a Chest area with full protections as always but to do that I need the names of everyone that is going to participate. So please comment on the forum thread for this post to Register for the scavenger hunt. Registration will not close and I will make some extra containers for people that start/register after Sunday. Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. And all materials gathered for the hunt will be the participants when done, I will just copy them over to the PDXLan map and you can pick them up. Have fun. MinecraftMe Podcast

 Chase "SirChaos" Nunes and Joe "Payback" Falbey do a weekly podcast called Minecraft Me. They talk about Minecraft news, show some gameplay where Chase is being schooled by Joe, and answer questions from regular guys like you and me. They also have a Pub server at, not at good as mine of course. 🙂

I have been watching it since the first episode and have learned a few things from them I didn't know before. Give it a shot.

We are the official PDXLan Minecraft Server

We are just a bunch of Minecrafters having fun. This webpage and the server itself are in a constant state of improvement. If you see an issue let me know in the forums, or by email, and I will do my best to fix it for you. I want this server to be the best Minecraft server we can make in Portland Oregon. Tell all your freinds, lets make this server hop. The website is looking for people to contribute information about Minecraft, Runecraft, MCMMO, and even general news. Also would love to get a little help customizing the style of the website, let me know if you can help out.

Lets play Battleships!

I have installed a pluging for this age old game, well from the darkages of the 50s anyway.

Here is how to play:

1. Player 1 invites someone with - /zs inv [name] battleship /play battleship [player]
2. Player 2 accepts invitation - /zs accept /pbs - (acronym for Play BattleShip)
3. Place your ships. There are a total of 6 ships. 1 battleship, 1 medium ship, 2 normal ships, and 2 small ships
a. Left click to place a ship
b. Right click the sky to choose the next ship to place.
c. Or just click the [ZS Random] sign to place them randomly
4. Right click the [ZS Ready] sign once your ships are placed.
5. Once the game as begun, left click to attack a spot on the game field.
6. If you get a hit to get to go again.
7. Have fun.
9. Once the game is over, [ZS TPBack] sign will take you back to where you accepted/invited to start the game.
10. Profit...?

Here are some shots of a game between Trumby and Jimmy3139 2 of my guinea pigs for the game.


Teleport Interleaving

One issue with teleports is they can take a large amount of space. Baldwolf used an idea I talked about in chat the other day to save space in his Central Hub teleport room.  I have built the new Runecraft and Redstone University and installe Baldwolfs tutorial in it now. Check it out.