Preview of Runecraft 2.13

Ctri the Runecrafter brings us a quick preview of one of the new Runes in Runecraft coming with version 2.13.

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    Ctri the Runecrafter brings us a quick preview of one of the new Runes in Runecraft coming with version 2.13. [youtube][/yo
    [See the full post at: Preview of Runecraft 2.13]


    Some of you might have problems (honestly, sometimes I have them, too) in following Ctri’s tutorials, for he is “hopping” from one thing to another quite often, and in case you don’t know every rune by heart it might get confusing to follow him how a rune or a combination of those is being made.


    Just to make that clear now:

    In case you want to Runecraft-enchant a tool or weapon PERMANENTLY, do the following steps:
    1.) Chose the tool (diamond preferrably)
    2.) Chose the Runecraft-spell for it

    3.) ENGRAVE that rune onto this tool/weapon [I built an engraver at old /spawn RC101, feel free to use it; it is a lapis block]

    4.) Build that permanence rune and rightclick the dragon egg that you need for it.


    Additional information:

    # The Good news!
    Apparently the dragon egg gets NOT consumed by using the perma-rune.
    I was just trying it out together with NIronwolf, and it did consume the redstone wire, redstone torches and diamondblocks, but NOT the egg!


    # The Bad news!
    In case you make that rune wrong, the egg teleports away from you D=<
    NIronwolf told me he already lost an egg due to that problem! The egg can get scared omg xD

     Also very important you will lose any engraved rune if you move thru a portal, or use a teleport, to a different world, or an Admin/mod Teleports you to a different world.  To prevent loss, place then engraved tool in a chest before teleporting to a different world. Please be aware of this admins will not replace lost permanence runes. – Nick


    # The Ugly news!
    YES, you can repair your perma-tool/-weapon with the MCMMO anvil/ironblock, yay!

    – but: IF you let it break before you repair it THE PERMA-RUNE GETS LOST and you have to remake it! (Including the 7 diamondblocks you need for it!)
    Also, if you LOSE that tool you have to remake the rune, too!


    So be careful where you take that item to.


    I recommend to have always the following spells and tools:
    – Fairy Boots rune
    – Zeerix’ Chest
    – Fire Resistance Potion
    – A recall item (for example a wooden shovel or a book) in one of your 9 major slots that teleports you IMMEDIATELY into WATER in case you burn (and you have no fire resistance potion on you)! – If you don’t have Fairy Boots on your shoes, then it helps you from fall death, too, of course. I can give you some additional help for the ways of teleporting, depending on your gameplay, if you need it.)

    Make sure you have another way back home besides the /home.

    I recommend setting home where you take that item to. Because if you die and that tool is inside your deathchest, and you cannot get back to that place in 1 hour, the item gets lost! So either /sethome where you take that item to (mining place or so), OR make a RECALL RUNE where you are with that item.


    # Ctri doesn’t mention if the rune must be facing North. Likely it must – at least I had to turn around the perma-rune at NIronwolf’s place in order to make it work (might be that I made some minor failure first time, too though – but just to be safe, make sure the perma-rune is facing North).


    # For those amongst you having problems in figuring out the pattern:

    In Singleplayer I was remaking that pattern.


    It is a 11×11 rune, and the pattern is really not easy to figure out.
    It is mirrored in the North-South-line (vertically), but it is NOT symmetrical/mirrored from the West-East-line (horizontally).


    So here are 3 screenshots that shall help you in figuring out the pattern.

    One image shows you the perma-rune.

    The middle (6th block always) is represented by a red mushroom block.

    The other 2 images show you the same pattern, but simplified with:

    – Netherbricks as redstone

    – Lava as redstone torches

    – Diamondblocks as diamondblocks 😉

    – And of course the obsidian dragon egg.


    Some of you will find one shot more logical/easier to follow, so I am upping all the 3, as humans are different, too 😉

    I hope this will help you.





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