Display name changes are LIVE!

Mojang released name changes this morning for those who were never quite satisfied with their original selection. You can go change your name at https://account.mojang.com/me

Fancy and Skyblock should be Immune to a name change, but if you are having any trouble let an Admin or Mod know.
FTB Monster is going to have all kinds of troubles since it operates on a Minecraft version before all the name change code modifications happened. You will need to contact an Admin to have your new name added to the Whitelist to start with.
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One Response to Display name changes are LIVE!

  1. Akantor_ says:

    Hello. I changed my username from Akantor_ to AkantorMC. I’d like to ask that could an admin change my Residence perms and MCMMO stats back to normal. Thank you.

    P.S. Veteran Rank is set up, but the rest isn’t set.

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