MOUSELAN 12/5-12/7

Figure since I mentioned it in the previous two postings I should make an actual posting  about it, The next MouseLAN is happening on December 5-7.  As mentioned we will be kicking it off on Friday by swapping out the server Motherboard and CPU to our new Hottness. Should bring up the TPS on FTB Monster and make everything run nicer! (not to mention save mouse some power) Lets also try and get some Artemis to happen, that was a good time before (Rondon56 bring your projector?).

The LAN is located in Portland (near SE 82nd and Division.) and you will get all the exact event information when you RSVP to:
smileymouse at gmail dot com - replace the at with @ and the dot with . Also remove all spaces.
Cost at the door is $10 cash or PayPal to above address.
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5 Responses to MOUSELAN 12/5-12/7

  1. Rondon56 says:

    Projector? Artemis? what is?

  2. BaldwolfBaldwolf says:

    Artemis is an amazing simulator of a Starship. Each player controls a station on the bridge and one machine provides the Main Screen where everything happens.

    It’s like playing Star Trek and RPG and Computer gaming all in one.

  3. Aetticus says:

    Dec 4-6 is Thurs, Fri Saturday… Is is supposed to be teh 5th and 6th, or are you doing it all weekend, 5th-7th – Fri, Sat, Sun?

    Also, I do have a 65″ HDTV I can bring over and set up for the Artemis viewscreen…

  4. Aetticus says:

    Got a 1982 Suburban, transporting is not much of a concern. 😛

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