Server Upgrade!

Anyone who has been playing on the new FTB server knows that the TPS is low usually because Monster is a Beast (ha) and takes up much of the cpu resources.  Our grand admin Glguy has done investigations and we have determined that a CPU upgrade is in order, which will also require a new motherboard (of course).  Many of our users have expressed interest in assisting with any upgrade costs and we absolutely appreciate it!  Our glorious server owner has graciously offered to front the cost of this upgrade and put in half the funds himself.  This just leaves it up to us to gather the other half!  We are getting a good combo deal from Tiger Direct here which at time of posting and a i7-4790K and Gigabyte Z97 Motherboard, purchase total is $399.98.  This means we are looking to collect a total of $200 from anyone who can donate to the upgrade.  SmileyMouse is heading the collection, so contact him for options.  We are collecting until MouseLan on 12/5 so PayPal or Cash will be totally acceptable.

Hooray for more TPS!
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  1. Rondon56 says:

    I called the CPU upgrade months ago…but does anyone listen to Ron…NO!!! LOL!!! about thyme guise….

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