Display name changes are LIVE!

Mojang released name changes this morning for those who were never quite satisfied with their original selection. You can go change your name at https://account.mojang.com/me

Fancy and Skyblock should be Immune to a name change, but if you are having any trouble let an Admin or Mod know.
FTB Monster is going to have all kinds of troubles since it operates on a Minecraft version before all the name change code modifications happened. You will need to contact an Admin to have your new name added to the Whitelist to start with.

Connecting to FTB

So you want to connect to this 'Secret Server' everyone in IRC keeps talking about. Well congradulations you are on the right track.


FIRST you need to let an admin know that you want to connect so we can get you on the Whitelist of the server.  Why are we running this Whitelist only?  As there is no area protection (to start with) built into the FTB server we are running on the Don't Be A Dick ruleset and need to keep the Griefers away.

Next thing you will need to do is get the special FTB launcher, http://feed-the-beast.com/launcher Upon opening the launcher you will get this screen,

First thing you need to do is select the 'Monster' modpack from the left column, and then change the version to 1.1.2 Monster-Version
Once those are selected you will want to click on 'Launch' to initiate the download of the modpack, the game will then launch, most likely go 'Not Responding'' for a little bit and then bring you to the home screen. Close the game at this point we are not quite ready to play yet.

Relaunch the FTB Launcher and once back at the main window, click 'Edit Modpack'

Within this window you will want to add 'BloodMagic' and either 'Zan's Minimap' or 'REI Minimap' to the enabled mods list by selecting them and clicking 'Enable'
Once added, close the window.

The last thing to do before getting into the game is upping the amount of RAM available to FTB. Click on the 'Options' tab at the top of the launcher. Then increase the amount of available RAM.

Once in the game, just add the server as you would normally.

Now click Join Server and WELCOME to the WORLD, ask around if you have any questions!

Server news

We are getting ready for 1.3 by building a new spawn area for the reseeded world.  1.3 update should be hitting close to the beginning of August according to Jeb, the lead developer.

We have also received the first donation from Jimmy3139 of $25, 1 step closer to a memory upgrade, thank you Jimmy!  UPDATE - glguy - $50!!

On the same track it appears I have finally solved the Server hard crash issue. We have not had a hard crash in over 2 weeks, YAY!

Also you will see many new faces on the server.  Be sure to welcome them, more users is always a good thing.  Keep telling anyone you can think of about the server.

I have added all the MCMMO commands to the support page, alot of useful stuff like MCMMO parties is there.

Keep Minecrafting....

Residence Area Protection

Residence is a self serve area protection system, that the users can use to protect their projects outside of the Hub cities.  Its use is simple, but offers many options one example are the Hub cities. When you enter Central Hub it tells you, this is the Enter message, when you leave it gives you the leave message.

Here are some simple instructions, I will link to the Residence Wiki at the bottom of the post.

Creating a Residence:
1. Using a stick, left click for one corner, and right click for the other corner. These would be the opposite corners of a Rectangle. (maximum of 200x200 blocks and 4 residences per person)
2. run the command "/res select vert" this will set your selection to the full world height bedrock to the top.
3. run the command "/res create [name]" this will create the residence called whatever you type in place of [name].
4. to remove a residence if you want to change it or make a mistake "/res remove [name]"

The command to set an enter/leave message is: "/res message [name] (enter or leave) {message}" Your enter or leave message will become whatever is in {message}

Those are the basics of protecting your area, this will keep anyone from damaging the areas you protect. There are many more settings including ones to allow others to build or take from chests in your area. Please make use of this great plugin, it is only a matter of when not if we get a griefer in here. If you have any trouble, please ask.

An ounce of prevention is worth its weight in gold blocks!