Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta

Who wants some free Minecraft? Check out this post from Mojang and redeem your very own copy.

Windows 10 – Microsoft’s shiny new operating system – launches tomorrow. As announced at MINECON 2015 a few weeks ago it features a brand-new Edition of Minecraft. We’re calling it Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta.

If you’re one of the 20 million(ish) players who already own Minecraft for PC/Mac, you get the new version for free. Completely free!

To download your copy, first log into your Mojang account

Notch out, Microsoft in

Looks like Wolfe's DMCA nonsense was the final straw.  Notch is cashing out.



Microsoft is the new owner.  It's generally assumed they only really care about Minecraft as an Xbox product; time will tell how they feel about modders and such.


Minecraft Bukkit Plugin – Clockwork planter – dispenser that auto farms! – YouTube

Hey all...Just wanted to bring your attention to the good news....

We have an Automatic planter available for you...a new plugin that was added at the last MouseLAN is the Clockwork Planter!! watch the video below to find out how it works...

Minecraft Bukkit Plugin - Clockwork planter - dispenser that auto farms! - YouTube.

Help with a new Server Promo video.

So 2 years ago I made the video you see below, to help promote the server.  It was alot of work and I want you guys to help me create a new video.

What I am looking for are clips like in the below video, short flyby clips are best. Record them in 1920x1080 for best effect, though I will accept 1280x720p also.  And keep them short 5-10 seconds at most.  I will give everyone that submits clips to me a Silktouch Iron Pickaxe. Since I have been told by many they are harder to get now.

Get those clips in by the Ides of July.  July 15th for everyone that doesn't know what 'Ides' means. 😀

New Game mode installed and running, Hunger Games!

The Hunger Games comes to PDXMC. You and your freinds can do some PVP action in the Hunger Games.  Up to 24 players can participate, and I would love to see it getting some action.  The games take place in a new custom world that previews what the new world terrain will become next year.

To join the game, there is a Green lobby wall in the portal room in the Spawn Center.  Left click the signs to join.  Once 8 people have joined it will auto start with a 60 second count down, other players can still join during this time.  If you wish to all start the game earlier run the command "/hg vote" this will start counting votes and when 75% or more vote it will start the count down.  If you wish to leave a game at any time run the command "/hg leave"

The map will see some addons and improvements over the comming weeks, probably ad some structures and or ruins to spice things up.

So come and join the hunger games!

Commands for the game:
/hg vote - after 75% of people vote the game will count down 60 seconds and start.
/hg leave - leave the game at any time


New world opens on the server today. Are you up for it?

Your mods and admins are proud to announce a new world is open today on the server.  This world is now the soul source for Ender Dragon eggs, and as such will be much more challenging then the normal end.

Things to expect:
1. Mobs of all kinds in high numbers, Skeletons, Zombies, Ghasts, Pigmen, and possibly several Ender dragons at once.
2. Once you enter the world only, death, a portal or /home can get you out of it.
3. The exit portals are at the cardinal points from the Spawn location.
4. There are beacons and saferooms along the way, some with items to help you along!
5. You can take anything you want with you, be prepared to die with it.




Basics of letting others work in your residence.

GL Guy created this tutorial in the forums and I Just wanted to bring everyones attention to it.  This will help you setup your residence to allow other to work on it with you.  Have fun!

Here is an brief intro to setting residence permissions:

To see the current settings:“/res info”
To change a flag for everyone use:“/res set FLAGNAME SETTING”
To change a flag for one group use:“/res gset GROUPNAME FLAGNAME SETTING”
To change a flag for one player use:“/res pset PLAYERNAME FLAGNAME SETTING”
Valid SETTINGs are:

true : set the flag true
false : set the flag false
remove : use the default value of the flag

Some flags can only be set on the whole residence and are not player specific:

animals : Allow animals to spawn
firespread : Allow fire to spread
ignite : Allow fire ignition
tnt : Allow TNT explosions to do damage
piston : Allow pistons to move

Some flags can be applied to individual players as well as residences:

build : place and destroy blocks
place : place blocks, setting this overrides build
destroy : destroy blocks, setting this overrides build

container : Allow players to open chests
bucket : Allow players to place and pick-up water/lava blocks
use : Allow players to use things

Each of the following overrides the use flag for a specific block

diode : Redstone diodes
lever : Toggling levers
button : Pressing stone buttons
door : Wooden doors
table : Aka workbench
enchant : Enchanting tables
brew : Brewstands
bed : Sleeping in beds
cake : Eating cake
note : Setting note blocks
burn : Lighting mobs on fire
egg : Aka dragon egg

New Contest – Name the New World

As you should know by now. We will be moving into a new game world with the 1.3 update to minecraft.  So I thought I would let you guys name the New World, and also the Central Hub.  So until August 15th please post, in the comment thread for this post, your ideas for the name of the New World. I will then put up a pole of what I think are the best possible names and you people can vote on them.

Suggestion format:
New World: (IDEA)
Central Hub: (IDEA)


Live meetup in Portland.

Well we got together and had the Live meetup and I think it was alot of fun. We will have to do it again. Jtdaugherty, Thedagit, Glguy, Munkeegurl, Sulseeker, nlancaster, Smileymouse, arylea, and Torinemerson all got together and much fun was had, talking about all sorts of things. But mostly Minecraft.

Memory upgade donation complete!

Jimmy3139 - $25, GLGuy - $50, Kenwein - $25, and NIronwolf & TheZupe - $50, I will be ordering all the memory as soon as Paypal gets the money into my debit card account, and then doing the install of the memory.  I will announce the day before the memory install, and then take a few days with a test server to get all the bugs worked out of the ramdisk setup, then move the main server into the ramdisk.  Hopefully this will eliminate any lag issues! WooHoo!