FTB Infinity Expert Mode OFF

The FTB server has had the 'Expert Mode' turned off. After 5 days of trying to struggle through the new gamemode on FTB Infinity Evolved, it has been disabled. The difficulty has been upped to 'Hard' so say hello to invisible spiders and the lot. It was a valiant effort to work through Expert Mode but it was nothing but a frustrating and constant struggle to try and do or make anything and just made the game less fun overall.

Infinity Evolved 2.1.2

Alright, the new Infinity Evolved server is online. New Map, New Inventories, New Mode. Set your FTB Launchers to version 2.1.2 and connect just the same as before.

I have setup a spawn building for people to hide out in at night while getting started, and marked the spawn border around that.

FTB 'Expert Mode' is enabled, so check the book icon to the left of your inventory screen for how to get started and advance through the unlocks.


FTB Infinity Evolved?

Heeeeeeeey minecrafters!!

Things sure have been quiet around here, you must have all been outside, or at least playing some other games. Well the FTB team sure didn't take any time away and have been mad updating our beloved game with tons new features. They have released Infinity Evolved which introduces some cool new features and even some great tools for the admins!

I was just going to run the normal update to the new version, but there was some chatter of people thinking it would be a great time to Reset the world, take advantage of the new features, and even enable Hard Mode. I have no problem with this, our world has been plagued with troubles, remember we did start Infinity when it was a baby modpack. It does seem like a great point to do a purge.

So before I go and blow it all away, I will put it to you, our wonderful player base. What do you want to do?
So follow the link above (or here) and read up on all the changes and the 'Hard Mode' and cast your opinion here!

POLL IS ON THE SIDEBAR ==============================================================>
Poll closes Sunday 8th 11:59pm PST so I can tell people at PDXLan this weekend. Poll result will be actioned on Monday the 9th!
If we do go with a map reset, I will bundle up the current version and put it for download, beware it is about 9GB.

Fancy server will also be getting some love next week hopefully. More research required first to be sure.

Infinity updated 1.9.0

Man, I almost can't keep up. Just logged out of checking the upgrade if FTB Infinity server to 1.9.0. It is online and operational, let me know if anything is wacky.

Also Mystcraft required a reset again due to DimensionID conflict. Have I mentioned that you should not store anything you can't go on without in any Mystcraft Ages? Because you shouldn't.

FTB Updated! Welcome to Infinity.

We have updated the FTB server to the Infinity pack. The current version is 1.3.4 and you do not need to do anything special in the launcher to get in.

Because of many plugin updates and the root minecraft version change to 1.7.10 the map and inventories did not get to transfer to the new Infinity. This does mean though name changes are fully supported on the FTB server now. If you would like the old Monster map just let us know we can get it too you.