Scavenger Hunt is over!

Well finishing much faster then I expected the scavenger hunt is over.

1st place - Nitemayr
2nd place - Meridiana
3rd place - Sulu99

Congrats as an extra bonus prize they win in order or place:
1st Diamond Pickaxe with Furtune3, Unbreaking3, and Efficancy3
2nd Diamond Pickaxe with Furtune2, Unbreaking2, and Efficancy2
3rd Diamond Pickaxe with Furtune1, Unbreaking1, and Efficancy1

I will award the Pickaxes right away. And on Tuesday night probably around 12am PST (midnight) I will copy the chests over to the regular world. So if there is anything you want to bring over to the regular world bring it to the Spawn center in ScavangerHunt world.

Also MCMMO and Zeerix's chest are renabled.  You could use Zerrix's chest to bring your stuff from the scavenger hunt world to the regular world if you are in a hurry.

Scavenger Hunt is On!

The 1st Scavenger Hunt is on, start your hunt in the Scavenger Hunt world now.  Take the Creative world portal and follow the signs. Check your assigned chests to be sure they work, if not let an admin know.

Things to remember:
Scavenger Hunt world is set to Hard mode, Hunger will kill you.
PVP is off in the Scavenger Hunt world, and Greifing is an automatic disqualification.
MCMMO is off for this week, sorry but it would make certain people have a huge advantage for the scavenger hunt.