Server news

We are getting ready for 1.3 by building a new spawn area for the reseeded world.  1.3 update should be hitting close to the beginning of August according to Jeb, the lead developer.

We have also received the first donation from Jimmy3139 of $25, 1 step closer to a memory upgrade, thank you Jimmy!  UPDATE - glguy - $50!!

On the same track it appears I have finally solved the Server hard crash issue. We have not had a hard crash in over 2 weeks, YAY!

Also you will see many new faces on the server.  Be sure to welcome them, more users is always a good thing.  Keep telling anyone you can think of about the server.

I have added all the MCMMO commands to the support page, alot of useful stuff like MCMMO parties is there.

Keep Minecrafting....

Help upgrade server memory by Donating thru Paypal

In an effort to raise money to update the server memory, there is now a donate button on the bottom right column of the website. If we raise enough money I will be able to update the server to 24gbs of ram, allowing me to run the Minecraft server from a Ram Disk and greatly reduce any lag issues for the server. You will see faster chunk loading times, and this will hopefully stop the occasional teleport into the ground that happens while the server is busy.

Failing that, we can skip the whole donation issue if someone wants to donate 6 4GB Memory sticks.   😀

New Moderator on the server

I have asked GLGuy if he would be a moderator, and he agreed.  He has been very helpful in testing and troubleshooting some issues on the server.  Seems to always be ready to help out if someone needs a hand.  So everyone congratulate him on his promotion. He will have have access to most of the admin commands so if you run into a problem give him a shout if I am not available.

IRC – some changes

The IRC integration we were using before had one problem, dynmap webchat did not get passed back and forth. So I have replaced the old IRC plugin and now all the messages get passed between all chat windows. But that also means a change in the IRC server it is now., hosted locally and under my control.  The old IRC channel will keep working, but it will not be talking with the minecraft server.

Future of the server

When, not if, we reseed the main world. I will copy any projects people want over to the new map. I have been working on a new plugin that is an awesome terrain generator, called Terrain Control.  We will use this to generate the new world when we reseed.  I don't plan on a reseed any time soon, several months from now at the earliest.

Here is a sample video of what it is capable of.


Server work in the near future.

Sometime in the next week I will be replacing my network router, as it is having problem with its wireless connection.  I will try to make it quick and keep the server offline as little as possible.  I will give anyone on the server at the time notice and do a save/backup cycle before taking it offline.

Also I will be deleting the Scavenger Hunt world this weekend, probably Saturday night or Sunday morning.  If you want anything you left behind use a Zeerix's chest rune to go get it.  And then I will start experimenting with the Terrain Control plugin, which will be used if/when we reseed the main world.


I have built a jail and incarcerated the first person there. A few days ago we had someone named MinuteMAKER come in and start advertising for his server.  That was bad enough, but then he started insulting Meridiana and he is now in jail.  The jail is below Spawn, and there is a teleport to look inside the jail from a viewing level.  The jail includes 8 monster spawners 4 zombie, 2 skeleton, and 2 Cave Spider spawners.  Anyone placed in jail is stuck there, and thier username in chat will be prefixed with "Jailed - "  in yellow.  Have fun watching them die repeatedly while they are in jail.

Scavenger Hunt is On!

The 1st Scavenger Hunt is on, start your hunt in the Scavenger Hunt world now.  Take the Creative world portal and follow the signs. Check your assigned chests to be sure they work, if not let an admin know.

Things to remember:
Scavenger Hunt world is set to Hard mode, Hunger will kill you.
PVP is off in the Scavenger Hunt world, and Greifing is an automatic disqualification.
MCMMO is off for this week, sorry but it would make certain people have a huge advantage for the scavenger hunt.