Server news.

Well today 8-24-12 is the last day to vote on the name for the new world. After that is done I wills start the poll for naming the new city, so get your votes in.

Also NoLagg is back on the server, and /nolagg fix will again fix any dark shadows from lighting glitches you find, so run it as needed, but not to often  😉

Minecraft 1.3 and a new group

So as part of our rollout of Minecraft 1.3 we have also decided to make a new group, Veteran.  Veteran members will have the following perks over a regular or lanner group member.

Veteran Perks:

Increased Residence area size - 301x301 blocks
/hat - lets you wear any block as a hat
Colored Signs - Ability to add color to your signs
And TP access to the Veterans lounge (to be built)

Requirements to be come a Veteran:

Been active on the server for at least 2months
Must Fully develop the above ground portion of a New Central Hub lot
Build and link a public biome outpost

Many of you will already qualify on the grouns of time spent on the server, and will only be a matter of time before you guys build your Hub lot and outpost to become a member of the Veterans group.

Get to it!

Update on problems with the New World for 1.3.1

I figured out what the problem is and it totally screws us up. Sorry folks, but the New world is offline.  I found that during the transfer from the Test server to the live server the new world became disconnected from its terrain generator. This is why some areas have not generated the way they were expected. And also why the new trees have not been spawning from seedlings, like they should 25% of the time.  We are going to have to rebuild the new world.  Again I am very sorry folks.

So for now the new world is offline pending rebuild.

Problem found with new 1.3.1 world.

Well I found an issue with the new world while copying YuccaMountain for JT.  Some of the biomes did not generate the way I expected them too.  I am going to do an experiment to see if I can fix it without regenerating.

Basically, Extreme hills were supposed to have trees on them, but at least 2 biomes have generated incorrectly. One has bands of trees, and the other has almost no trees at all.  We can leave it the way they are, or we can see about fixing it, possibly requiring a regeneration of the new world.

So let me know what you want too do.

New Admin and Mod changes.

With the update to 1.3.1 there are some changes to your admin and moderators,  GLGuy has been promoted to Admin, he has been a huge help in building and testing for 1.3.1.  And NIronwolf is now a moderator, he has put in alot of work on the new Central Hub and Spawn center, and has also been seen helping others in the survival world as well.  Everyone congratulate them in their new jobs!

1.3.1 update news

Well the 1.3.1 server seems to be working ok.  There are some lag issues and hopefully those will get better as updates for it get released.  But it is now live, and the new world is also online and open as well.  New players are going to be spawning in the new world, and your admins, and mods are ready to start copying your projects to the new world. One month from now the Old world will go offline for players.

So everyone tell your freinds.  The new world is open for play!



Update to 1.3.1

Well the server is updated. And while my ISP give my the service I pay for seems to be working fine.  There are a few issues but nothing major at this time.  The new world is not online for users yet.  We are still working on it, and one of the issues with 1.3.1 makes it almost unusable right now, the new world that is.  So feel free to come in and start using 1.3.1.

PS, sometime in the evening my internet service went in the crapper, and is currently super laggy.  I am working on it with my ISP.

Friday we will be going a test Rollout of Minecraft 1.3.1 to the server.

On Friday August 10th I will be doing a test rollout of the 1.3.1 server to the main server.  It is possible this will not be permanent some of our users are having issues and part of the testing we need will be on the main server.  I will let you know Friday if we are staying with 1.3.1 or going back to 1.2.5.

Also GLGuy did a great write up for the transition into the new map and Minecraft 1.3.1. Click the More link for further information.

New World Transition

1. How long will the old world be preserved?

The old world will be kept online for one month after the transition for
people to find locations to copy their work and to have time to move
their belongings into the new world.

Continue reading

New World update.

Well the current new world on the server is very messed up now.  Not sure when it happened but with in the last 4 days all the special settings for the terrain control plugin were erased.  Fortunatly I have a backup, of a backup that had them as of 4 days again.  So we didnt lose anything, but explorering in the New World may not generate the expected terrain.  So for now, no more point exploring in the new world, new generated terrain may appear again, but there are possibly large areas of land that are generated incorrectly, and there is no way to fix them, sorry.

New Contest – Name the New World

As you should know by now. We will be moving into a new game world with the 1.3 update to minecraft.  So I thought I would let you guys name the New World, and also the Central Hub.  So until August 15th please post, in the comment thread for this post, your ideas for the name of the New World. I will then put up a pole of what I think are the best possible names and you people can vote on them.

Suggestion format:
New World: (IDEA)
Central Hub: (IDEA)


Pending Minecraft 1.3 update and new map

With the Minecraft 1.3 update now out in the world the server update still needs to come out.  There is an early 1.3.1 server software out, but lots of issues, so hopefully it wont be to long before a stable 1.3.1 Bukkit server is available.

We will also need to wait for a few plugins to be updated before we can switch the server over to 1.3.1.  These are Residence, Terrain Control, Worldedit, and Runecraft.  Those are the 4 main plugins I require to keep this server up and running, they are all very active plugins, and updates should be very quick. If they are even needed, quite possibly they will work without any updates required.  I will keep you posted.

I will be building a Tutorial outside of Central Hub on how to mark your projects for copying to the new world.  Once the tutorial is done in game, I will also post about it here.

Server upgrade news

The new memory is installed and working.  Server now has 24GBs of ram with a 4GB Ramdisk hosting the minecraft server, and 8GBs of ram set aside for the server to use as needed.  I am already hearing that in some cases the lag does seem to be reduced.  Let me know if anything comes up.

Update: Around 5pm Saturday the minecraft server backup system caused it to crash. This has resulted in the possible loss of upto round half an hour of building.  Sorry about that.  If you have any issues we can check the log file and see if you lost anything big.

Memory upgade donation complete!

Jimmy3139 - $25, GLGuy - $50, Kenwein - $25, and NIronwolf & TheZupe - $50, I will be ordering all the memory as soon as Paypal gets the money into my debit card account, and then doing the install of the memory.  I will announce the day before the memory install, and then take a few days with a test server to get all the bugs worked out of the ramdisk setup, then move the main server into the ramdisk.  Hopefully this will eliminate any lag issues! WooHoo!