Nethrar keep it or lose it.

So one thing that has been an ongoing issue for some people is nethrar, and what it does to teleporting of mobs.

We have the nethrar plugin for 2 things. It allows minecarts to travel into the nether. And also prevents crosslinking.

But it is keeping things like pig farms from working.

So lets take a quick vote, it ends Saturday at midnight, let me know what you think.

Newworld Test map.

A new world test map is up until Sunday night.  You can join it by doing "/server test" from any of the normal worlds.

Let me know what you think. Ignore the long grass everywhere. Special commands are available in the post below this one. Livemap is available at

Update: Just going to leave it up for now.

Mouselan and something Special

For MouseLan, I have a MC Server up with a preview of the new game world I am working on for next year. Until Saturday at Midnight it will only be accessible to people at MouseLan.  Then it will go live to the internet at midnight Saturday so everyone else can access it, just ask what the local IP is.

What I want is people to take a look at it and tell me what they like an don't like.  This will, if I can make the change, make the new world even better.

There are a few special commands open to everyone that joins the server so that you can vew the world faster.

/creatve - sets creative mode
/tp - teleport ie. /tp (player) teleports you to that player
/tppos - teleports you to a position x y z
/tpahere (player) - as normal asks someone to TP to you
/flyspeed (1-10) - lets you increase the speed at which you fly

We really need to thank someone for the work he does for our server.

Everyone, I know I have not been very active for awhile. I try to keep on top of things.  But there is someone that has been doing amazing work for our server and I want him to feel apprciated.

So everyone take some time to thank Glguy for being such a great admin. I know he has put in a huge amount of work keeping the server up and running and I truly appreciate it.  An example of the work he has put into the server we are running on MC 1.6.4 on the main world and we are the only active server with Runecraft working on that version of MC.

Thank you Glguy for all the hard work!

Use the 1.7.2 client now

Hello, Mojang screwed something up this weekend resulting in legacy clients being unable to reliably log into the server. I've moved us to a version of spigot that allows us to play minecraft 1.6.4 with the 1.7.2 client. Additionally you don't need to reconnect to get to the vanilla 1.7.2 world any more. It is accessible via the command /server vanilla

Work continues on the new world for next year.

And I want your input.  The new way I am making the world gives me alot more control over how it looks.  But I do want some input on the way it will look from the users.

There Is a poll over on the right bar of the website.  Give me your feedback.

Also if you want please take some time to make some trees and bushes and small things to spawn all over the new world. 😀

Vanilla 1.7.2 World

While we wait for Bukkit to support 1.7.2 I've started a vanilla world. Due to a total lack of plugins the world is whitelisted. Regulars are welcome to join. If you aren't whitelisted already (I added a bunch) you can ask any of the admins to whitelist you.

IRC is linked in a different way than usual due to the other servers needing a plugin and 1.7.2 plugins being unavailable. All chat will come through a bot named "Vanilla".

Point your client to to join!

Minecraft 1.7

So I know 1.6.4 released several weeks ago, and we have yet to update the server.  I am not going to update to 1.6.4 because in the next couple of weeks 1.7 will be released and then once server and plugins are updated we will update to 1.7.

So keep in mind the new launcher can let you run 1.7 and 1.6.2 on the same computer.

Have fun!

Server Down Time

Sometime on Friday July 12th in the mid afternoon most likely. The server will be down for a few minutes as I move it over to a dedicated computer power circuit. Hopefully this will result in less power issues.

Update:  Sorry I didn't post earlier.  This has been postponed as the installer did not have a part to finish the power install today.  I will get it moved over probably next Friday.

Using the unified server chat

The Regular World and Plain World share a common IRC network.

In-game players are accessible in the IRC network with a server specific suffix:

  • Regular world -[R]

  • Plain world -[P]

Normal chat messages are broadcast across the whole network. You can, however, send private messages across the IRC network to players in the other server using the commands:

  • /imsg nick message

  • (abbreviation /im)

  • /ireply message

  • (abbreviation /ir)

The local player list is still /list but you can also use /ilist to see IRC clients and in-game players from the other server.

If you'd like to connect to the IRC server for out of game chat you can connect your favorite IRC client to Common IRC clients include: mIRC (Windows), XChat, irssi, weechat, Textual (OS X)

Plain Server

Hello everyone,

As an experiment we've started a separate server with practically no plugins where PvP is acceptable, the difficulty is hard and no one is there to hold your hand. The only gameplay affecting plugin is our land claiming plugin GriefPrevention. There is a YouTube video explaining this plugin.

Users must be whitelisted to build on this server. You should be at least a Regular on PDXMC. Contact glguy or nlancaster to be added to the user group.

Zombies will break down your wooden doors, you'll die of hunger, people might want to kill you, you won't be able to teleport, there are no mcMMO skills, there is no starter kit, there is no tutorial hub. All of these excellent features can be found in the main PDXMC server!

We do have a flatland creative world. The portal to the creative world is just outside the spawn point. The spawn point has a Nether portal to make it faster to travel back to spawn.

Players have started using the Nether to expedite travel. Remember that travel in the Nether makes for 8x travel in the Overworld. Nethrar is enabled to allow players to ride mine carts through Nether portals.

There is a dynmap running at

Connect your client to


Due to popular demand, a flat creative world has been added and is accessible through the Portal Room in the hub. This world is 10-deep sandstone and has no monsters.

Please residence your creations so that we can keep track of each person's work.

PDX Minecraft has migrated to a new server.

We have moved over to a new server, and are now running on a Linux based MC server.  Seems to be much faster at loading chunks and if you come accross any issues let any of the staff now, and we will investigate further.

Also as part of the move to a new server box, we have reseeded the nether to get all the new features.  If you need something copied over let an admin know.

Server hardware specifications:
4.2ghz AMD Quadcore FX-4170
16GBs of DDR3 1333Mhz Ram with room to upgrade to 32Gbs of ram.
128gb Samsung 840 pro SSD to run the OS and MC Server
1TB Westerndigital YE4 Server HDD for Webserver and Backups.