Minecraft Bukkit Plugin – Clockwork planter – dispenser that auto farms! – YouTube

Hey all...Just wanted to bring your attention to the good news....

We have an Automatic planter available for you...a new plugin that was added at the last MouseLAN is the Clockwork Planter!! watch the video below to find out how it works...

Minecraft Bukkit Plugin - Clockwork planter - dispenser that auto farms! - YouTube.

Autocrafter and you!

New plugin added to the Fancy server tonight.


This was brought to my attention a few weeks ago, and I wasn't sure I was going to add it to the server. Autocrafter lets you use frames, dipsensers, and a redstone signal to craft items.  No longer will you have to spend hours creating the items you need for your fantastic builds.  Here is a basic tutorial on how it works. It can be powered by any redstone signal, so you don't have to keep push a button, or throwing a switch.

Basics of letting others work in your residence.

GL Guy created this tutorial in the forums and I Just wanted to bring everyones attention to it.  This will help you setup your residence to allow other to work on it with you.  Have fun!

Here is an brief intro to setting residence permissions:

To see the current settings:“/res info”
To change a flag for everyone use:“/res set FLAGNAME SETTING”
To change a flag for one group use:“/res gset GROUPNAME FLAGNAME SETTING”
To change a flag for one player use:“/res pset PLAYERNAME FLAGNAME SETTING”
Valid SETTINGs are:

true : set the flag true
false : set the flag false
remove : use the default value of the flag

Some flags can only be set on the whole residence and are not player specific:

animals : Allow animals to spawn
firespread : Allow fire to spread
ignite : Allow fire ignition
tnt : Allow TNT explosions to do damage
piston : Allow pistons to move

Some flags can be applied to individual players as well as residences:

build : place and destroy blocks
place : place blocks, setting this overrides build
destroy : destroy blocks, setting this overrides build

container : Allow players to open chests
bucket : Allow players to place and pick-up water/lava blocks
use : Allow players to use things

Each of the following overrides the use flag for a specific block

diode : Redstone diodes
lever : Toggling levers
button : Pressing stone buttons
door : Wooden doors
table : Aka workbench
enchant : Enchanting tables
brew : Brewstands
bed : Sleeping in beds
cake : Eating cake
note : Setting note blocks
burn : Lighting mobs on fire
egg : Aka dragon egg

Server news.

Well today 8-24-12 is the last day to vote on the name for the new world. After that is done I wills start the poll for naming the new city, so get your votes in.

Also NoLagg is back on the server, and /nolagg fix will again fix any dark shadows from lighting glitches you find, so run it as needed, but not to often  😉

New Plugin: PdxExplorers

I'm excited to announce a new plug-in for those of you that consider yourselves advanced Minecraft explorers. This plug-in tracks which users have successfully traveled from the start to end waypoints without aid of teleportation. Players who successfully complete an route will find that their names are displayed automatically in rotation on the bottom of the signs associated with that route.

I imagine applications of this could include: routes down the main roads to the edge of the map, obstacle courses, clue-driven hidden sites, difficult to reach sky-lands, etc.

The plugin includes 3 kinds of signs. Each sign will have 4 lines:
route name
rotating players names

The sign commands are as follows:

  1. Start - Activate this sign to start your exploration. You can only be on one route at a time.

  2. View - Activate this sign to see the whole list of players who have completed this route.

  3. Finish - Activate this sign to complete your exploration. The name of the route must match the one you started last.

The plugin supports one in-game command:

  1. /explorers - This command shows your current route as well as everyone else who is involved in an exploration.

Players interested in creating a new exploration route are welcome to ask an administrator to create the necessary command signs. The mezzanine level of the hub portal room is currently reserved for route starting signs, but other starting points are allowed.

Our first route is a trip out to Torin Falls. The trip is an easy stroll down Torinemerson's North Road to a scenic waterfall view.

Please forward all feature requests and bug reports and other feedback to glguy!