New Contest – Name the New World

As you should know by now. We will be moving into a new game world with the 1.3 update to minecraft.  So I thought I would let you guys name the New World, and also the Central Hub.  So until August 15th please post, in the comment thread for this post, your ideas for the name of the New World. I will then put up a pole of what I think are the best possible names and you people can vote on them.

Suggestion format:
New World: (IDEA)
Central Hub: (IDEA)


MinecraftMe episode #29

In this episode, Joe shows Chase the easy way to install texture packs on the Mac and PC! We also talk about the XBOX 360 release of Minecraft, the top news, server showcase, and a special announcement! All this and MORE!

If you look closely starting at 30:33 you can see me in the background of a few shots!